April 2020 - Update from Hogs For Heroes

- 4/16/2020

April 2020
A Word from Our Founders…

Unlike all the other pandemic messages…we’re not going to tell you about our cleaning practices, staffing or changing hours. We’re here to tell you… we are not stopping. We are still gifting four Harley-Davidsons to four injured Wisconsin Veterans this 2020 riding season…Coronavirus be damned (but in an appropriate, social-distancing kind of way!). 

Our donors trust us to use their generous donations exactly as intended. And at a time like this, now more than ever, we find it particularly important that an injured Veteran rider, already struggling in life, regain the immediate peace, freedom and joy that motorcycling offers. Our Advisory Board will conduct our selection business via teleconference later this month and aims to gift one Harley in May and another in June. As promised, we will open a second, shorter application period in late May and then return another two injured Wisconsin Veteran riders back to the healing road later this summer. Our timelines may have to be pushed back, our ability to connect may be challenged, our events may be different and our arms maywillabsolutely miss the many hugs we share…but we will get back to honoring and supporting these deserving lives together, again. 

Trust us, our hearts ache right along side yours with the devastating tolls this disease has taken. And, we selfishly hate missing events and chances to hang with you all, our friends and supporters. This pandemic has hit many people, businesses and communities hard. Nonprofits in particular, ourselves included, are struggling as fundraising events are cancelled and donations have nearly stopped coming in. As a result, many people, services and foundational life needs— food, shelter, employment, healthcare— have been compromised further. Our good news is that the funds needed for our gifts this year were raised before this pandemic took it’s toll. The amount we raise from this point will absolutely affect next year’s gifting ability…but we will deal with 2021 when it rolls around.

We will all be riding and hanging together again soon…and we will rebuild our lives and communities, together. In the meantime, as much as we appreciate your financial support for our unique healing mission, we encourage you to, instead, share with others who are struggling, as much as you can, to help meet their basic life needs, and that of their families. 

This is a historic time in our lives. It offers us a chance to pull together and, more than ever, care for one another. We hope that as life settles down and returns to a new sense of normal, we will be fortunate enough to regain your financial support. Until that point, know that we are deeply honored simply to have your continued support. 

We will continue to share electronic communications that introduce you to our newest recipients and update our calendars as events resume. As always,follow us on Facebook as we share our gifting plans and work to make sure we remain a relevant, alternative option for healing our injured Wisconsin Veterans. 

Thank you for believing in us. 

And please…take good care of yourselves, your families and your communities. Be safer at home. 


Kevin and Audra Thompson, Founders
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