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Hogs For Heroes is a small, Wisconsin-only nonprofit that raises funds to buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles for injured WI Veteran riders whose healing may benefit by returning to the road for what we riders affectionately call "wind therapy". We believe regaining the freedom of the open road, the pride in ownership and the collegiality of riders can provide therapeutic value to those Veterans who have long enjoyed the passion for riding and now find themselves without means or ability to have that bike in their life. We work to help heal wounds incurred during active duty--physical, psychological, emotional--and whose existence is likely exacerbated by a lack of effective resources and support. Our gift is NOT an award for service:  it is an alternative therapy intended to help those struggling and at-risk individuals reconnect and reengage with a motorcycle as the tool. And while our gift is given to only one individual, the ripple effect of it’s beautiful impact affects spouses, families, employers, communities and other Veterans as these recipients regain outlets and support… all because a motorcycle reentered their life. Not just for a day’s excursion, or a week’s retreat, but for as long as they choose to continue their passion with the road. It provides an identity and escape, a culture and a family. Our Recipients, and their spouses, will repeatedly tell you our gifts have literally changed their lives and, in multiple cases, saved their lives. Simply put, we do not just gift a motorcycle: it's a life-changing tool.

Thank you for supporting us on this healing mission!
Kevin & Audra
Craig & Michelle

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Know Anyone in Need?
Are you a WI Veteran with a service-connected injury, a passion for motorcycling and the need to return to the open road for some therapeutic healing? Or, can you SHARE this information with someone needing to regain that peace?

Hogs For Heroes is a WI non-profit dedicated to healing the mental and physical wounds suffered by our WI Veterans during the course of active duty through the therapeutic benefits of owning and riding a Harley-Davidson. We raise funds to purchase Harleys for injured WI Veteran riders who now find themselves struggling-- mentally and physically-- without means or ability to have a bike and a deep need to return to the road and it’s benefits. We aim to help their healing with an alternative therapy: that of The Road.

We believe the freedom of the road, the collegiality of riders and the pride and peace found in ownership can support the healing process for our injured Veteran riders. Awarding one bike at a time and recognizing one hero at a time, it is our hope that we make the rough road a little smoother for a Veteran Hero who gave on our behalf.

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We are looking for:

  • a Wisconsin Veteran resident, honorably discharged and fully separated,
  • with a service-connected injury/disability/disease,
  • who has a current motorcycle endorsement and an established history of motorcycle riding and enthusiasm,
  • and is in a position that prevents them from purchasing a motorcycle themselves.

Our gift is NOT an award for service, years dedicated or medals earned. It is a therapeutic tool intended to enhance one's healing journey and redirect a struggling life. We look to support those most in need.

We work year round to raise funds for bikes and are currently fundraising for our 2023 Giftings. FOLLOW US & SHARE US on Facebook—this is how we communicate most news! The more others know what we’re doing, the faster we can make our vision a healing reality for another injured WI Veteran rider.

H4H pmotorcycle plate image

H4H pmotorcycle plate image

H4H pmotorcycle plate image
H4H pmotorcycle plate image
Our Recipients surprised us again. First decals, now this.
To express their gratitude to all who made their bike possible, our Recipients secretly made the decision to have license plates that reflect their gifting number. We at Hogs For Heroes (H4H) are greatly humbled by this homage. We would never ask anyone to tag their bikes in any way. That's how much your gift means to them.


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